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Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA), Victoria

I strongly believe in the value of the public service and in anyone or thing that seeks to improve it. IPAA is one such thing.

As a personal member I'm applying my passion and knowledge, on the Sustainability Community of Practice Advisory Committee (where I’ve held I’ve held Deputy Chair and Chair roles), in the hopes of making sustainable development a commonly considered and delivered element of public sector practice.


Australasian land and groundwater association (ALGA)

I have been involved with ALGA from early 2011. Sitting on the Victorian Branch Committee from December 2011-2016, being a member of the Strategy & Risk Sub-Committee from June 2014 (including as Chair from November 2016), member of the Finance and Audit Sub-committee from November 2017, and being elected by ALGAs members to the Board of Directors in October 2016. 

I am passionate about supporting the contaminated sites industry to sustainably manage contaminated environments, and have enabled members to build effective relationships within and outside of Australia through my excellent communication and organisational skills and commitment to helping those around me as best I can.

Following the end of my Board tenure, I’ve remained involved via the Australian Sustainable Remediation Forum (SuRF).

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International Committee on Contaminated land (ICCL)

I was the first Australian Government Official to attend any conference of the ICCL. Attending the October 2013 Durban conference, provided me with first-hand insight into both how similar and dissimilar interjurisdictional approaches can be, and saw the creation of a number of international connections to the Australian contaminated sites industry. This also resulted in Melbourne playing host to the 2015 conference, for which I was the lead local representative on the international organising.